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Old World is a company designed to bring the old world fantasy art and craft to you in a way that is involving. We craft items right here in East Texas. We manufacture exotic wood products from directing batons to custom conducting baton cases. We have craftsmen that make custom hand made smoking pipes. You may commission them to craft your very own custom pipe. We have artisans that craft quilts and wood burned signs. We offer the Fantasy art of John Randall York whose prints are vibrant and colorful; his works depict fairies and other fantasy creatures within Halloween and Christmas scenes. What ever you are looking for, from gifts to indulgences, they are here at Old World Music and Gifts.

Introducing The Grand Elite Baton

Grand Elite Director Baton <align="center">The New Grand Elite Baton- is a breakthrough design to decrease fatigue after prolonged use. The extended handle length allows maximum control of the baton making it a virtual extension of the hand. The extended handle also provides unparalleled resonance and responsiveness as it is substantial while still being very light weight. The conductor can shift the baton to use several different parts of the hand to control the amount of articulation. Old World Baton is constantly developing ways to make the conducting experience easier. The Baton can range from 14" to 17" in overall length. The handle ranges from 3.5" to 3.75" long and 5/8" diameter at its widest point and is finished and buffed to a high luster. The shaft is available in natural birch, natural cherry wood, black composite, and glossy white birch. You just have to experience one of these beautiful classic batons!

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We also have an online professional band instrument repair service where we can handle most of your repair needs. To keep costs down and save you money we do not have a facility open to the public. We are mail order for the most part. Any advertising we have is on the internet and is not done locally. Give us a call or email us if you have any questions about our repair service, or feel free to send your instrument to us directly. Check out our Repair Pages for prices and descriptions of what services we offer.

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